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Ive honestly had such a hard time finding cute prints for my kids shirts that I figured other parents were probably dealing with the same issues so I decided to focus not all but most of my prints for my little ones… I hope you love them and thank you for supporting my business.


 These HTV Print are made specifically for baby, toddler and youth shirts. They are available in 5’’, 6” or 7” Size of the design will be based off the width of the entire design . If you need further size info please don’t hesitate to ask. These prints are perfect for kid shirts but can be applied as a pocket design for an adult shirt.

This is NOT a digital image! You are purchasing a physical ready to press transfer that will be mailed. You will NOT receive an actual finished product or a shirt! You will only receive the heat transfer vinyl  print

These  prints can be applied to any color shirt and applies to Cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends!

You must own a heat press in order to apply it.


All HTV prints will come ready do press; simply remove the back carrier sheet, place image on the shirt as desired  and press. NO more headaches of having to weed and transfer your prints. Leave that to us!

Press-325 degrees F for 15 seconds

  • medium/ heavy pressure
  • peel while hot
  • Remember to use a teflon sheet if you repress

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